Welcome! Whether the endeavor is reaching for the stars, or producing the best piers on the water, the way to achieve your goal is always the same: start with a winning strategy and then execute it perfectly. That is what we do every day at Port-A-Pier. Our piers are the best on the water - we make certain of it. There are no other pier manufacturers that expose their products to the torture and abuse of rough water bodies like Port-A-Pier. We have done it, learned from it, and will continue to improve upon it. The knowledge we gain through every storm is immediately transferred into the new products you buy And as a result, the quality and longevity of our products are incomparable and unbeatable.

There is an image, feeling, and respect that comes with owning the absolute best. It is the looks of awe that develop when people look from the water and see what kind of pier you have. It is the confidence you will have knowing that anytime anyone steps onto your pier, they will feel safe and secure. It is the feeling of relief you have after making the right decision by going with one of our incomparable and unbeatable products. From our maintenance free galvanized steel frames, to our environmentally friendly recycled plastic decks, Port-A-Pier builds the strongest per unit weight, safest, longest lasting, and beautiful, dock on the water. Whether looking for a small pier to be used on an inland lake, or think no pier can possibly withstand your turbulent waterfront, we do have a pier to fit every need. On behalf of everyone at Port-A-Pier, thank you for taking the time to look over our products and available services.