Port-A-Pier owners enjoy a confidence and security whenever a storm rolls in because our piers have been tested and proven to withstand Lake Michigan's worst storms.  Throughout 37 years of research and development our icon, the Residential Rough Water Stationary Pier, has been molded into the strongest per unit weight dock on the market.  Engineered to the nth degree, Port -A-Pier's proven steel, dual strengthened, trussed framework leaves the competition in a tangled mess onshore.  After fabrication, the entire frame is hot dipped galvanized to ensure longevity and eliminate maintenance. 

A variety of advanced anchoring methods have also been developed by Port-A-Pier to ensure that not even the worst storms will knock your pier out of the water.  These anchoring methods allow our Residential Rough Water Stationary Piers to be installed in a number of locations including sand, small and broken stone, and shelf rock.  In this high-paced, high-tech world many pier manufacturers depend solely on computers when designing their products.  However, at Port-A-Pier we've learned that computers deal in theory and can only simulate the data that has been input.  Although we do have CAD capabilities at Port-A-Pier, we believe that hard-core rough water abuse is one of the best ways to test our products' strength and engineered characteristics.  We have used a combination of both in the development of the Residential Rough Water Stationary Pier to ensure that our customers will not only have the gratification of owning the absolute best, but also the super-structural integrity built in to confidently battle rough water.

Aside from these characteristics, Port-A-Pier is also an environmentally conscious corporation.  Our solid plastic decking is made from recycled plastic bottles and incorporates a non-skid, non-abrasive knurled surface.  Moreover, it is impervious to the sun's ultraviolet rays which guarantees you a beautiful pier that will look like new for many years to come.  We also have available the traditional pressure treated wood and the durable composite decking which offers many of the same features as our solid plastic decking.
Finally, when comparison shopping for a pier NEVER discount storms per dollar.  Simply divide the number of storms your pier has withstood by its price.  When it comes to bottom line value, nothing beats a Port-A-Pier.  If you would like more information about Port-A-Pier's Residential Rough Water Stationary Pier, email us at info@port-a-pier.com.

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