Feeling like you're walking the tightrope is not what we at Port-A-Pier belive should happen as you step onto a floating pier.  Unfortunately, this is the case with the products of many other floating pier manufacturers and is what our CEO has nicknamed the "ball effect."  Using the same technology we've used to develop our unbeatable Rough Water Stationary Piers, Port-A-Pier has developed a revolutionary Floating Pier frame that is completely flex resistant.  These floating pier frames consist of a completely welded, double strengthened, trussed super structure capable of withstanding two 15,000 pound boats tied up to them amidst 3' non-cresting swells!  In addition, after fabrication the entire frame is hot-dipped galvanized to ensure longevity and prevent annual maintenance requirements. 

     Multiple decking options are also available, including the traditional pressure treated wood, an environmentally friendly recycled plastic available in white, gray, or weatherwood, or the durable composite decking available in many different shades.  For more information regarding the features and benefits of our recycled plastic decking, please visit www.renewplastics.com.  For more information regarding the features and benefits of our composite decking, please visit www.correctdeck.com.   
     From our re-definitions of luxury, safety, and strength to the creation of the feeling of walking on water, it's no wonder that all other floating pier manufacturers are simply second best. 
If you would like more information about Port-A-Pier's Residential Floating Piers, email us at info@port-a-pier.com.

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Floating Pier

    Port-A-Pier's Residential Floating Piers ensure that a constant pier-to-boat relationship will be maintained through extreme water fluctuations, deep water depths, and flood plane potentials.  This objective is met through the use of EPA and DNR approved Rotocast floats that have a 1130# floatational capacity.  Moreover, being polyurethane-filled with a polyethylene shell, our floats are durable, dependable, and will not rust or corrode.  Furthermore, Port-A-Pier has developed several shoreline-to-pier interfaces that eliminate the need for costly, prior installation preparations such as concrete and steel seawalls.  Our shoreline-to-pier interfaces readily adapt to existing shoreline and lake bottom applications including sand, dirt, small and large stone, mucky areas, concrete walls, and steel sheeting.

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