Port-A-Pier owners enjoy a level of luxury and workmanship never thought possible in a pier.  Because we are aware that our Rough Water Stationary Piers and Floating Piers may not be as cost effective for all situations, Port-A-Pier has developed an Inland Lake Pier for small lakes, rivers, and residential applications with minor wave action.  

     In addition to the longevity and zero maintenance of the Inland Lake Piers, these models also feature design flexibility, allowing you to create a pier that will accentuate your waterfront.  Moreover, Port-A-Pier's Inland Lake Piers have also been engineered with ease of installation and removal in mind.  This is evident in the strong, but lightweight frame and removable deck panels that each of our Inland Lake Pier sections ar composed of.  Furthermore, we ensure top quality through the in-house design and manufacture of all the component parts used on our piers.  
     At Port-A-Pier, excellence isn't a coincidence...it's a given.  If you would like more information about Port-A-Pier's Inland Lake Piers, email us at info@port-a-pier.com.

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Inland Lake Pier :

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     The same goals for strength and zero maintenance that have been achieved with our other products have also been incorporated into our Inland Lake Piers.  Each of the 96" long sections consist of a strong, but lightweight, single rectangular steel tubing framework and two 48" removable deck panels.  The frame of our Inland Lake Pier is completely hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication.  Aside from these characteristics, we also offer a variety of decking options.  Choose between our classic treated wood decking, our non-skid, non-abrasive recycled plastic decking in dove gray, white, or weatherwood, or our durable composite decking  available in a variety of colors.  

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