Aside from these characteristics, Port-A-Pier is also an environmentally conscious corporation.  Our solid plastic decking is made from recycled plastic bottles and incorporates a non-skid, non-abrasive knurled surface.  It carries a ten-year manufacturer's guarantee against chipping, splintering, cracking, or peeling.  Moreover, it is impervious to the sun's ultraviolet rays. 
     Port-A-Pier's Residential Piers are easy to remove and prevents the accumulation of stagnant water that occurs on more costly permanent piers.
     Finally, when comparison shopping for a pier NEVER discount storms per dollar.  Simply divide the number of storms your pier has withstood by its price.  When it comes to bottom line value, nothing beats a Port-A-Pier. 
For more information on our Residential Piers or to obtain a quote, simply fill in the quote request form (click on the button above) and one of our well-trained sales specialists will be happy to help you with your waterfront needs.

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Residential Piers :

      Port-A-Pier offers our residential customers three different types of piers.  Regardless of if you are combating a mucky bottom or rough water we have a pier that will satisfy your waterfront needs.
     A variety of decking options are available including the traditional pressure treated wood, an enviornmentally friendly recycled plastic, or a durable composite decking.  A variety of advanced anchoring methods have also been developed by Port-A-Pier to ensure that even teh worst storms won't knock your pier our of the water.  These anchoring methods allow our Residential Piers to be installed in a number of locations including sand, small and broken stone, mud/muck, and shelf rock. 

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